NZL Bike Tour part 2

Part 2 of the NZL bike tour turned out to be more then I bargained for. Lesson learned, sometimes when 12 different people give you the same advice about what can’t be done they are right. But then again sometimes they are wrong. Either way I got turned around 80 km into the adventure which changed my plans for the coming days and put me in a much different location then I planned to be. Luckily I’m in NZL where there’s usually another paradise around the corner. The days that followed the lost mission ended up being some of the best yet. If any of you ever wander over hear make sure you check out Kinloch lodge and the surrounding wilderness. There is a reason the Lord of the Rings was filmed hear.

Yesterday I returned to Queenstown for another couple sleeps and had the best day yet in NZL with a bike/hike mission. Today was a little different as I road 1.5 hrs into the bottom of a deep valley, ripped a sidewall in my tire and then hiked 3 hrs back to town. You win some you lose some…

Tomorrow its back to Christurich to visit my Kiwi mates, Jeff and Karen for a couple days before another endless summer will come to an end. Thursday the crow flies back to Canada!

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